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Kneel: Stand tall for the orphan.Go to God on behalf of orphans and waiting children. Go to God for direction as you seek to care for orphans. Go to God as the source of life, love and hope.

Get prayer updates: Sign up for the Show Hope weekly prayer updates. Find more information as well as monthly prayer calendars by clicking here>

Pray for a child: Become a prayer advocate for a specific child if you know an orphan who needs prayer. Talk with your friends about how you can care for this child together.

Use the Web

The Internet is a great tool for you to let your friends and the whole world know what is important to you. Join us on sites like MySpace and Facebook, and invite your friends. Start an Internet campaign to raise awareness.

Host a web banner: Update your profile, webpage, blog, whatever with the call to Show Hope. Learn more at

Tell your web friends: Use all the creativity and opportunity you've got! Invite, message, comment, email, and blog your friends to get the word out.

Tell your Friends

Spread the word that we can each change an orphan's world. If you tell 4 people who tell 4 people who tell 4 people who tell 4 people, already over 250 people will have heard the message!

Use the DVD: People like watching movies. Use the Show Hope DVD to capture attention and hearts. Show it to your friends, your small group, your youth group, your church. Show it to the world. Order your DVD here >

Use the Show Hope materials: Don't keep these things to yourself, pass them out to your friends. Ask others to join you in the Seeds of Change study. Ask them to join you in raising money. Ask them to join you as you change your world for orphans. Order Show Hope materials here >




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prayer update
Join orphans in their struggle by praying for them, lifting up your voice to the God of love who listens to and answers prayer.

learn how to fundraise
Do what makes you come alive, what you are passionate about, and do it for orphans!

sponsor an adoption
Love seeks to meet a person’s deepest need, and you can help set an orphan into a family and show that child the love of God.

win a free missions trip
We cannot sit idly by while children all over the world are suffering; we can go and show them hope.

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